FlatScreen Framing has two different manufacturing options when it comes to buying an HDTV frame.  Option #1 (wall mount) and Option #2 (tv mount). Both are beautiful in their own right and a matter of personal preference as to what works best for your particular situation.  There are distinct differences between the two options.

Option #1 (wall mount):

This option is a wall mounted frame.  The frame gives your tv a “boxed in” look where all angles of the tv are covered.  From either side of the tv there will be no visual access to the back of the tv.  The frame is actually mounted to the wall by a french cleat (provided to you by FlatScreen Framing).  Similar to the way you would hang a large picture frame.

*Please note that with ALL OPT1 tv frames, there will be a space, appx. 3/8″ around the entire tv before the frame starts.  This allows for heat ventilation and hanging.

Option #2 (tv mount):

This option is a HDTV mounted frame.  This frame actually straps directly to your tv and usually does not go all the way back to the wall behind.  The tv and frame will co-exist and operate as one unit.  So from the side of the tv there will be a limited view of the back of the television.  This option tends to work great with newer, thinner hdtv’s.  And gives our clients more options as far as profiles are concerned.  All of our Legacy Series profiles work well with Option #2 frames.


What separates FlatScreen Framing from other tv framing companies is the finished product.  When we fabricate a frame, we have your tv in mind.  And firmly believe that our clients should be able to pull their new frame out of the box, hang it, and not have to make ANY modifications to their existing tv.  In other words, some companies provide “mats” for the front of their tv’s.  We don’t believe the matting looks good aesthetically.  Your tv already has somewhat of a “mat” built in as a result of the black edge all the way around the screen.  And the more you cover the front of a tv, the more issues you are going to have.  For example, what some of the other companies don’t tell you is that their frames cover up so much of the front of your tv that your tv’s remote control won’t work anymore.  Requiring you to purchase an IR repeater system with more wiring, boxes, and plugs that have to be installed behind the tv.  FlatScreen Framing frames are ready out of the box.  No additional modifications needed.  So there’s never anything else to worry about.  Your tv will function the same way it did the day you bought it.

We want to make this process as enjoyable as possible.  With no added effort needed on your part.

If you have any questions, or need some advice as to what framing option will work best for your situation, please let us know.  You can email us at flatscreenframing@gmail.com and we will give you everything you need to make the most logical decision possible.