HDTV Plasma LCD LED TV Frame Options


There are (4) critical measurements when ordering a frame from FlatScreen Framing.  All of which are easy to measure.  If you prefer us to handle the measurements for you, just send us your hdtv model number and we can usually get everything we need from our data base.

X Dimension:  The overall width of the TV to the outermost edge
Y Dimension:  The overall height of the TV to the outermost edge
Z Dimension:  The depth from the front edge of the TV to the wall
ZZ Dimension:  Actual width of the TV itself

Provided these four measurements, or the model number, we can produce your new custom TV frame to fit YOUR particular TV.


At Flatscreen Framing, we try to keep the options at a minimum.  Not because we can’t do them, but because we don’t want to confuse you.  Obviously, if you have a specific idea in mind, please let us know. Send us a photo or link to you desired profile, and we’ll make sure your frame is custom made with YOUR own personal trim option.


Legacy Series profiles are more of a decorative approach to fabricating your frame.  FlatScreen Framing now offers (8) different “ornate” profiles for those clients looking for more of an “old world” or “antique” look.


*Please note that although Legacy Series profiles can be incorporated into an Option1 frame, they are more suited for Option2 frames.


Classic Series profiles represent a wide variety of wood tones, in an elegant pre-finished tv moulding.

Classic Series

*Please note that although Classic Series profiles can be incorporated into an Option1 frame, they are more suited for Option2 frames.




FlatScreen Framing uses Minwax wood finishes.  The chart below is a representation of the different colors we offer.  Please be advised that due to different monitor resolutions, etc., the tints may vary from system to system.  If you don’t see a color that works for you here, let us know and we will work with you to try and come up with a custom color.


If you would prefer to paint your tv frame instead of staining it, we can do that for you.  Just let one of our representatives know what color you would like and we’ll make it happen.


To get the full effects of true HD, the right cables and fittings are a must.  That’s why Flatscreen Framing offers the installation of these component and HDMI (ins) directly to the frame.  If you don’t have the luxury of hiding your cables in the wall, then this is the solution for you.  Just let us know what it is that you are trying to accomplish and we will take you through exactly what you will need.


FlatScreen Framing offers two different options when it comes to framing your HGTV.  One is wall hung, the other is actually strapped to the TV itself.  With all of our tv frames, we try to keep the tv’s infrared sensor in sight so there is no need for an IR repeater system.  Most TV’s are accommodating, although there are a select few that are not.  Our representatives will go over the options for your particular tv so you know exactly what is needed, or not needed in most cases.